Composite Panel

Category: Ship Accommodation

Marine composite panels are used on ship’s accommodation area for decoration and partition. fire proof and damp proof to be considered for different areas and rooms according to the regulations and rules.

By using different materials to reach different class of fireproof and damp proof. The panels are either Acoustic or Non-Acoustic, Structural or Non-Structural.

A wide variety of outer skins, core materials, acoustic levels and fire-ratings are available depending on the application. Certificate: ABS, DNV-GL, BV, GL, LR, CCS, NK, USCG, EC.

Standout features of Fountom composite panels

High fire resistance rating

fireproofThe substance material is evaluated to be level B0, B15, A30, A60 fire resistance, with rating up to 4hrs, it gives off zero hazardous gas, 100% meets and exceeds classification societies regulations and rules.

Heat preservation and insulation

heat insulationThermal conductivity as low as 0.1. Internal discontinuity between steel sheets and filling compound causes heat chain rupture , the feature helps saving energy in hot area and keeping warm in cold area. Besides it keeps indoor relative humidity stable.

Sound insulation

sound proofMade of light weight composite material, thin as it is, the thickness of 25~100mm panel reduces and absorbs the sound volume of 30dB in the air.

Water proof and moister proof

waterproofUnder test condition of water flow 0.5L/min• m2, wind pressure 250pa, spray Fountom wet panel for 6 hrs x 2 days, no leakage detected in both sides at all, this material can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet and basement.

Light weight, high strength

light&strongStrong surface hardness, light core weight. Composite rock wool board is made up of galvanized steel sheet, PVC plastic decorative film, adhesive and rock wool compound.

Simple installation, fast construction

easy constructThe installation is pure assembling, the panel can be arbitrarily cut according to specification after calculation, greatly reduced construction waste. 20 m2 wallboard can be assembled each day/worker by average, it is saving a lot time and manpower for clients.

Detailed specifications for floating floor, ceiling, wall and lining panels

Panel Specs

Floating Floor


Wall & Lining

Fire Rating


B0, B15

B0, B15, A30, A60;

Core Material

Rock Wool

Rock Wool, Glass wool, Aluminum honeycomb

Rock Wool, Glass wool, Fireproof board, Aluminum honeycomb + Fireproof Board


52.5 mm

25~50 mm

25~100 mm


28.2 kg/m2



Sound Reduction

51 dB



Thermal Transmittance

0.48 Kcal/m2h℃

0.40~3.25 Kcal/m2hoC

0.30~3.25 Kcal/m2hoC

Surface Treatment

Galvanized Plate

PVC / PET / HL-3 film or galvanized

PVC / PET / HL-3 film or galvanized


Width 0-1, Height ± 3, Thickness 0-1

Width 0-1, Height ± 3, Thickness 0-1

Width 0-1, Height ± 3, Thickness 0-1


450 mm or as required

Max. length: 3000 mm

600 / 550 mm width required length

Max. length: 6000 mm

600 / 550 mm width required length

Max. length: 3000 mm



Type A,C,D, I, Square, Hook, Aluminum Cellular Ceiling Panel

Type A, C Panel, Available with Cable Conduit, Inspection Hatches