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Dear Customer,

 How are you.

 Since the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, we’d like to share with you how Fountom team did here, it might be helpful for you, your family, friends and colleagues to stay safe. Our city is near Wuhan, hubei province, which was considered to be very dangerous, thus through our govmt’s measures and work of citizens, for the last 22 days we had zero newly confirmed case.

 Besides what you’ve heard from the news, keep a face mask on and away from each other, here’s our personal suggestion:

  • Take off your clothes when get back home, and leave them hanging in open air, then wash your hands with soap or sanitizer;
  • No raw food or un-boiled tap water shall be taken;
  • Store some food, face masks and other necessities, they might be more and more expensive and harder to get.

 Facts you may need to notice:

  • The virus is not airborne, it spreads via droplets and physical touches;
  • Please don’t mind how others may think of you while you are the only one(s) wearing a mask;
  • The virus won’t survive 24 hours in most dry surfaces. (That makes our cargo overseas totally safe).

 For your business, the production capacity in China is nearly full operational, products for shipbuilding usually takes 2 months to deliver thus kindly schedule the projects to reduce the impact.

 Peace and safe to all of us,

 Fountom Team

 March, 2020.